About Me

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Welcome to my art space!

My name is Lena Chhay and here in this art space, details my unique insect and animal illustrations.

Born and raised in Sydney Australia, I have been illustrating ever since a young girl. I have graduated with a microbiology degree from The University of New South Wales and have been moving in and out of various scientific fields.

It started off purely as a childhood hobby but now I have realised that I love art as much as I love science. I have spent countless hours after work illustrating what I love most i.e. insects and animals. It is amazing how diverse, detailed and beautiful nature can be.

I am self-taught and I am capable of illustrating in both digital and traditional formats. I enjoy playing with traditional mediums, such as, pencils, pens, charcoals and watercolour paints. However, what I love most is illustrating insects using only Adobe Photoshop CC.

While almost all of nature’s creatures come in colours, I very much prefer to illustrate them in black and white. I love playing with contrasts and shadows and these could play quite a role in making an illustration appear realistic.

Please continue to watch this space as I showcase what I love to illustrate the most and my journey to improving my artistic abilities.ย 

* All illustrations are copyrighted and I do not give permission for any form of usage.ย