About Me



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I am Lena Chhay and welcome to my art portfolio!

I am based in Sydney, Australia and I have been drawing since a young girl. I have graduated with a microbiology degree and have been working in the science area since.

Moving in and out of various science fields made me realise that deep down, drawing is more than just a hobby. I should take a risk and pursue a career in illustration!

I love to draw insects and animals as they are vastly unique and intricate with detail. It is also stemmed from my childhood upbringing of being around so many types of pets!

I am self-taught and my drawings are of scientific illustrations or children’s illustrations. I am highly capable of drawing in various mediums, such as, pencils, pens, charcoals, watercolours and purely digital using Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud. You can find my artworks under each of these styles using the menu above.

I am easy-going, great sense of humour, highly passionate (I’d come home from work each day to draw) and I also have great attention to detail.

I hope you will enjoy my art portfolio. For any inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact me at lenachhaysketches@gmail.com