About Me


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Lena Chhay is a freelance illustrator specialising in both insects and animals.

Born and raised in Sydney Australia, she’s been illustrating since a young girl. She’s graduated with a microbiology degree from The University of New South Wales and has been moving in and out of various scientific fields. However, Lena has now come to a realisation that she loves the art side to science. It wasn’t just the detail and beauty of the diverse nature of insects that had caught her eye. She had also found the importance of capturing the ecology of insects especially in this day and age where the environment is rapidly changing.

Lena is capable of illustrating in both digital and traditional methods. She is self-taught and enjoys using various traditional mediums, such as, pencils, pens, charcoals and watercolour paints. She can also purely illustrate using Adobe Photoshop Creative Cloud while giving detail and imagination. The style of her illustrations are unique as she enjoys playing with the contrast between black and white.

She’s easy-going, kind and highly passionate.

For any inquiries or commissions, please do not hesitate to contact her at lenachhaysketches@gmail.com