Lady Beetle

Lady Beetle – Charcoal Drawing Completed: 03 June 2019 Time: ~ 3 hours Medium: General’s Charcoal Pencils white, 6B, HB. Paper: Standard A4

Unknown Insect 01

Unknown Insect 01 – Partial Pointillism  * I found this colourful insect wandering in the streets of the city. I have no idea what species it is.   Completed: 08 December 2014 Time: 2-3 hours Medium: Pens – Black medium (Paper Mate ProfileTM 1.4 mm) Paper: Standard A4    

Unicorn Beetle Dynastes tityus

Unicorn Beetle Dynastes tityus – Partial Pointillism Completed: 15 December 2012 Time: 6-8 hours Medium: Pens – Black medium (Pilot Acroball 0.7 mm) Paper: Standard A4